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Add a touch of brilliance to any decorating efforts. Ideal for arts and crafts and seasonal decorations. Drip free, water based formula. Fast drying. Remove with water and cleaning wipes. Fully compliant with UK and EU regulations.

  • #51835  Gold Spray
  • #51842  Silver Spray

It sprays out color powder, and the powder can be easy removed. Product is suitalbe for making symbols on pitch, road and wall.100% HFC free and non-flammable. Fully compliant with UK and EU regulations.

  • #51859 Chalk Spray – White
  • #51934 Chalk Spray – Pink
  • #51941 Chalk Spray – Yellow
  • #51958 Chalk Spray – Blue
  • #51965 Chalk Spray – Green
  • #51972 Chalk Spray – Orange
  • #51989 Chalk Spray – Purple