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A great product for being creative and unique. Temporarily add fashionable colors to your clothes. Suitable for parties and celebrations. Product is a safe washable color spray for clothes. Won’t stain, leave any residue or damage clothes. Just add water and it comes right out.


#50593 Invisible UV Clothes Spray

Grab attention and have a blast with the Peppy Air Horn! With up to 120 decibels of sonic power on tap, the Air Horn is perfect for marine rescue, sports events, outdoor festivals and parties. Available in Pro and Mini sizing. 100% HFC free and non-flammable formula. Fully compliant with UK and EU regulations.


#16009L Pro

#16009S Mini

Product is perfect for the outdoor events: sports meeting, festivals, carnival, wedding and parties. Eatable and non-toxic powder. Non-flammable.


#51866  Colour Powder Spray

Pick up a few cans of Party Strings and get the party started! This all-time favourite is available in 7 vibrant Neon and Glow in the Dark colours to suit a range of activities such as birthdays, weddings, parades, graduations, etc. Non-liquid, foam like texture. Easy to clean. Ozone friendly, non-flammable formula. Fully compliant with UK and EU regulations.


#50012 NEON Red

#50012 NEON Blue

#50012 NEON Yellow

#50012 NEON Green

#50012 NEON Orange

#50012 NEON Purple

#50029 Glow in the dark