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Pick up a few cans of Party Strings and get the
party started! This all-time favourite is available
in 7 vibrant Neon and Glow in the Dark colours
to suit a range of activities such as birthdays,
weddings, parades, graduations, etc. Non-liquid,
foam like texture. Easy to clean. Ozone friendly,
non-flammable formula. Fully compliant with UK
and EU regulations.

#50012 NEON Red
#50012 NEON Blue
#50012 NEON Yellow
#50012 NEON Green
#50012 NEON Orange
#50012 NEON Purple

#50029 Glow in the dark

Combining artisan grade pigments with revolutionary water-based technology, the removable car deco spray delivers colour brilliance, lightfastness and durability in a non-flammable, low odour formulation. Suitable for metal, glass and plastic surfaces. Easy to remove with water and car cleaning products.

  • #16055A Red
  • #16055B Orange
  • #16055C Yellow
  • #16055D Green
  • #16055E Blue
  • #16055F Purple
  • #16055G Silver Grey
  • #16055H Black
  • #16055I Gold
  • #16055J Pearl White

Grab attention and have a blast with the Peppy Air Horn! With up to 120 decibels of sonic power on tap, the Air Horn is perfect for sports events, outdoor festivals, exhibitions and parties. Available in 2 sizes. 100% HFC free and non-flammable formula. EU compliant.

  • #16009L Large
  • #16009S Small

Our handheld confetti cannons come pre-filled with an array of customisable fillings to suit different occasions. Choose from paper or metallic confetti, streamer and glitter fillings available in a range of shapes and sizes. CE and EN71 certified. Conforms to TPED (2010/35/EU) regulations.

  • #16057 – Confetti Cannons – 16×4
  • #16058 – Confetti Cannons – 20×4
  • #16059 – Confetti Cannons – 25×4
  • #16060 – Confetti Cannons – 25×4 Gold
  • #16061 – Confetti Cannons – 25×4 Silver
  • #16062 – Confetti Cannons – 20×4 Flower
  • #16063 – Confetti Cannons – Wine Bottle
  • #16064 – Confetti Cannons – 40×5

These one size fits all rings are the perfect accessories for seasonal and year-round celebrations. Flexible rubber construction ensures a comfortable fit. Batteries included. EN71, RoHS and CE EMC certified for peace of mind.

#16065 – LED Rings – Red, Pink, Blue, White, Orange, Green