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Create stunning new looks with our
best-selling hair colour spray. The
product’s non-liquid formula produces
a smear and drip free mist that dries on
application. Choose from a range of
18 vibrant colours that last up to 24
hours. To remove, simply rinse with
water and shampoo. Fully compliant with
UK and EU regulations.

  • #50364 NEON Yellow
  • #50609 NEON Purple
  • #50616 NEON Green
  • #50623 NEON Red
  • #50630 NEON Blue
  • #50647 NEON White
  • #50654 NEON Black
  • #50661 NEON Orange
  • #50678 NEON Pink


  • #50005 PEARL Red
  • #50692 PEARL Pink
  • #50708 PEARL Green
  • #50715 PEARL Blue
  • #50722 PEARL Orange
  • #50739 PEARL Purple
  • #50746 PEARL White
  • #50753 PEARL Gold
  • #50760 PEARL Silver

Add a little sparkle to your life with the glitter spray. Apply liberally overhead and on outfits for a sparkling makeover. With its long lasting effect, the product is ideal for fancy dress, concerts, festivals and Halloween. Contains no colour additives and is easy to wash out. Fully compliant with EU aerosols and cosmetics regulations.

  • #50371 GLITTER Gold
  • #50784 GLITTER Silver
  • #50791 GLITTER Rainbow

Express your individuality without pain or regrets! The non-toxic tattoo spray is perfect for all ages and our comprehensive range of stencils allows everyone to explore their artistic potential. The tattoo spray is perfect for everyday use, Carnivals and Halloween. The product is quick drying and easy to remove. Fully compliant with EU aerosols and cosmetics regulations.

  • #16032A Red
  • #16032B Blue
  • #16032C Green