Hand Sanitiser FAQs

We answer the most frequently asked questions about hand sanitisers.

How do you use hand sanitiser?

Gently squeeze the bottle of hand sanitiser and take 5ml, or more if you need it, and directly rub the palm, fingers, back of the hand, fingertips and wrist for about 1 minute or until it is dry. Make sure all of the skin is covered on the hands and wrist. No need to dilute or wash off. 

Is it OK to use hand sanitiser on your face?

No, you should only use hand sanitisers on your hands as the skin on your face can be sensitive. If you get hand sanitiser on your face it might disrupt your skin’s natural pH and cause irritation. Our advice is to wash it off at your earliest convenience.

Is it safe to use hand sanitiser on your body?

No, you shouldn’t apply hand sanitiser to your body. Hand sanitiser can irritate sensitive parts of the body and should be restricted to the hands and wrists only. 

How safe is hand sanitiser on hair?

Hand sanitiser can dry out the hair follicle and shaft so it should not be applied to the hair or scalp. Washing your hair with water and shampoo is more effective. 

Is it unsafe to apply hand sanitiser on a wound or a cut?

Hand sanitiser in small amounts will not harm an open cut. In fact, using hand sanitiser might highlight small cuts and nicks are on your hands and fingers that you hadn’t otherwise noticed. Washing with soap and water is a better option for cleaning small wounds. 

Does hand sanitiser dry out your skin?

Effective hand sanitisers contain alcohol which can dry out the skin. To combat this Peppy uses 105°C distilled water which removes impurities and moisturises the skin.

Are hand sanitisers really that effective against COVID-19?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends using hand sanitisers and washing your hands frequently with soap and water to protect yourself and others against COVID-19. Combined with social distancing and mask wearing, these are effective methods to protect yourself against the Coronavirus. 

Is it safe to drink hand sanitiser?

No. Do not drink hand sanitiser as it can be poisonous. If you have swallowed hand sanitiser then please seek medical advice immediately. Take the bottle with you to show the doctor so they can view the ingredients. Hand sanitiser is for external use only.

What happens if I get hand sanitiser in my eyes?

Hand sanitiser is for external use only but if you accidentally get it in your eye then rinse well with clean warm water. Remove contact lenses, if present, and continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists seek medical attention. Have the bottle handy to show the doctor. 

Do hand sanitisers expire?

Yes, hand sanitisers expire. The expiry date will be printed on the bottle so please check before use. If you use expired hand sanitiser then its effectiveness can not be guaranteed.  

Is it worth buying a non-alcohol hand sanitiser?

Non-alcohol hand sanitisers are not effective against bacteria and viruses. Peppy Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel is 75% alcohol which effectively kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.

What is the percentage of alcohol in a hand sanitiser?

Peppy Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel contains 75% alcohol brewed from sugarcane. The high alcohol percentage kills 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. 

Are hand sanitisers flammable?

Yes. The alcohol content makes hand sanitisers flammable so keep away from heat, sparks, open flames and hot surfaces. It is advised not to smoke near hand sanitisers. If you spill hand sanitiser then clean it up immediately to prevent a fire hazard.

How to make my own hand sanitiser?

We do not advise making your own hand sanitisers as without rigorous testing the effectiveness is difficult to judge. 

Can hand sanitisers clean dirty hands?

Although they kill viruses and bacteria, 70% alcohol hand sanitisers should not replace washing with soap and water as they can not remove dirt and grime. Hand sanitisers should be a compliment to hand washing or used when there are limited hand-washing facilities, rather than be relied upon as a cleaning device. 

Is hand sanitiser safe for kids?

Yes, Peppy Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel is safe for kids but please supervise them at all times. It is best practise to keep it out of children’s reach and do not let them drink from the bottle. If your child does drink hand sanitiser then seek medical attention immediately. 

Which is best, hand washing or alcohol sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser is considered the best alternative to cleaning hands when soap and water aren’t readily available. It is a simple, quick, convenient and portable method to disinfect hands when there is no access to running water.

How do I choose a safe and effective hand gel?

With so many choices available, how do you decide which hand gel will protect you most effectively? Our handy guide can help you identify a good quality anti-bacterial alcohol hand gel.