Our Story

Hands using PeppyPure Hand Sanitiser

Peppy Group UK was created in 2015 and our product range primarily focused on party aerosols. However, once the COVID-19 pandemic started to spread, we knew that three decades of manufacturing experience could be used to make a positive impact. During the SARS virus pandemic in 2003, our Asian factory developed and produced anti-bacterial hand gel brewed from sugar cane. Since that time we have worked on and refined the formula so it is more effective.

We are proud to say that we restarted manufacturing Peppy’s 75% alcohol Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel and are currently donating anti-bacterial hand gels to the frontline of care as a priority. Peppy is running two charity programmes to assist where we can.

We are strong believers in the virtue of adaptability. Whether your requirements concern our own brand or private label needs, we are confident that we can meet all production and logistical demands.

Our Ethos

It’s important to Peppy that we strive to be the best, whether it’s using top quality ingredients or supporting our community when it needs us most. We combine the energy of a young brand with nearly three decades of experience. We don’t add extras in unnecessarily – that’s why Peppy is Pure. Our credentials are as important to us as to the customer.

PeppyPure Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

EFFECTIVE. Our hand sanitiser kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs to protect you and your family.

PLANT-BASED. Our hand sanitiser is 75% ethanol, brewed from sugarcane.

GENTLE. Our Lubrizol carbomer moisturises your skin.

PURE. We use 105°C distilled water, to hydrate your skin.

TRUSTED. Our products are compliant with ten EU standards.

KIND. Our products are plant-based and vegan.